Annual Catholic Appeal - 2023

Archbishop Etienne’s letter is arriving in homes now. We are seeking everyone’s participation this year so that we reach our goal of $12,729.00 as quickly as possible!


Have you ever wanted to see the hands, faces, and places of the Annual Catholic Appeal in Western Washington? Your Church supports many ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese – made possible by YOU!
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Catholic Appeal, (ACA) – Archdiocese of Seattle

Each year, the Archbishop asks for the participation of the more than 150,000 Catholics living in the Archdiocese to support the Annual Catholic Appeal. He asks us to generously support the many on-going ministries of the Church that provide educational, pastoral, and charitable outreach to those living in the Archdiocese. The Annual Catholic Appeal provides about 64% of the support needed to fund the diocesan ministries each year. The other funding comes from parish assessments, investment income, and other donations.
Many very important programs, ministries and services are beyond the resources of any single parish. It would be impossible for an individual parish to duplicate the scope of ministries and services provided by the Archdiocese. By having the Archdiocese coordinate programs such as religious education, seminarian education and vocations, lay ministry formation, youth and young adults ministry, prison ministry, etc. we eliminate the duplication of services and save both time and money. The Annual Catholic Appeal funds over 60 on-going ministries and services of the Church.
The programs of local parishes are very important because much of the work of the Church and the Archdiocese takes place at the local level. But, there are certain specialized services such as education, vocations, diocesan conferences and trainings, construction project services, for which the Archdiocese takes the major responsibility. These are services no one parish can provide and must be shared by all of us.
God has given each one of us gifts, graces, talents and abilities which are to be shared responsibly and wisely with others. Faithful stewardship is more than occasional acts of charity and service. It is a way of life, a commitment to the giving of our time, talent, and treasure in gratitude for all the blessings we have received. We are continuously challenged to make our financial gifts from substance, not abundance, in proportion to the blessings we have received. As a guide, some give 10% of their income. Often they break it down to 5% to their parish, 1% to the Annual Catholic Appeal, and the remaining 4% to other favorite charities. For some families 10% is right, for other families 10% may be too high or low. Your decision on how much to give needs to be personal and prayerful.
Every year, parish Annual Appeal goals are adjusted to reflect changes in the parish offertory (ordinary income). Adjustments to parish goals are made in some cases to reflect the investments parishes make to their school, or in consideration of certain debt obligations. This formula was established in order to create a fair system of parish support for the Annual Catholic Appeal.
The operational overhead costs of the Archdiocese are supported by our parishes in the form of an “assessment”. Each parish is assessed an amount equal to 8.3% of the parish' s adjusted offertory income (but can change slightly every year). This assessment is one of the lowest rates in the country, kept low because of the Annual Catholic Appeal. The Annual Catholic Appeal helps fund the various ministries and services of the Archdiocese. It seeks “new” donations through the help of the parishes, who are asked to run the Annual Catholic Appeal in the spring of each year. Parishes bring the ministries and services of the Archdiocese alive in their parishes, thus showing their parishioners how their support can make a positive difference in the lives of people across Western Washington.

ACA -vs- Stewardship.

the differences between the ACA & Parish Stewardship

Annual Catholic Appeal

  • Occurs in the spring of each year
  • Catholics and Parishes across Western Washington support the Archdiocesan campaign
  • Pledge to the Archdiocese: May to April
  • Donations processed through the Archdiocese
  • Monthly reminders are sent from the Archdiocese
  • Tax statement provided by the Archdiocese
  • Supports over 60 ministries and services throughout Western Washington including:
    • Catholic Community Services
    • Catholic Schools Department
    • College Campus Ministry Services
    • Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
    • Seminarian & Deacon Candidate Services
    • Priests’ Retirement

Parish Stewardship Of Treasure

  • Occurs in the fall of each year
  • St. Mary Parishioners support the Parish campaign
  • Yearly pledge to the parish: January to December
  • Donations processed through the parish
  • Parish office sends bi-monthly envelopes and periodic reminders
  • Tax statement provided by the parish
  • Provides parish ordinary income supporting the work and ministries of St. Mary Parish including:
    • Parish Ministries
    • Sacramental Preparation
    • Religious Education
    • Church and Building Maintenance
    • Parish staff and priests

Gifts to the Annual Catholic Appeal and St. Mary Church may be tax-deductible. If your employer offers a corporate matching program, please contact the parish office.